Slide Show / Lectures by Andrew McLachlan

My slide show / lectures are designed to be presented in two 45 minute segments with an intermission between each of the segments and each segment is loaded with inspirational imagery. Shorter one hour versions of each presentation are available upon request. During each presentation I share my photographic tips, digital darkroom techniques, as well as in-the-field experiences and observations that influenced my compositions at the time of capture. To book one of the below slide show / lectures for your camera club or group please contact me for further information. Custom lectures are also available upon request.

Presentation Fee: $350 + taxes (if applicable). A 30% non-refundable retainer is required to hold your date in my calendar.

For full-day seminars please inquire for pricing based on your specific location.

What are folks saying about my presentations?:

Very good speaker and a great photographer! Brian Palmer

Great photos! Very inspiring and gave us quite a few good ideas for creativity.   Bill Proietti

Enjoyed the presentation!! Andrew’s photographs were stunning and his explanations of how and why were informative. Would love to attend one of his workshops! Mara Holdenried

Great presentation! Theresa Pritchard

This was a very well done presentation! I learned a lot! Edson Inniss

Thank-you – enjoyed the presentation! Joanne de Boemier

Great presentation! Andrew did a great job of explaining why and how he took the shots. Learned a lot! Chris Noronha

"Andrew McLachlan gave a full day seminar for the Sarnia Photographic Club which was extremely well received by all who attended. Andrew was an engaging speaker who shared his incredible images from Ontario and beyond while explaining many tips and techniques in a way that could be understood by all levels of photographers. The day was full of great information with plenty of opportunities for everyone to ask questions. This seminar is highly recommended."  

Christine Roenpseiss, Program Director, Sarnia Photographic Club

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Visual Beauty & Creative Expression from the Wildlands of Ontario & Beyond is a full day seminar, delivered in four segments, that explores the diversity of the land, the flora, and the fauna within Ontario's vast and varied terrain, as well as destinations further afield. Throughout the presentation Andrew's imagery will inspire and educate the audience. Learn Andrew's secrets to creating images with impact both in the field and during the image optimization process. This all day seminar concludes with a segment on how to find inspiration to alleviate creative blocks that affect the artistic process.

Please inquire by clicking here for scheduling and pricing info for this all day seminar to be presented at your next event.

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Ontario & Beyond – Wild Places Wild Faces  takes an in-depth look at the landscape and wildlife found within Ontario and throughout the world. High-quality and dramatic imagery throughout the presentation inspires and educates the audience on various tips and techniques that Andrew uses in the field, on a daily basis, to create inspiring photographs.

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Focus on Frogs – A Leap Inside A Remarkable World  takes an in-depth look at the world of frogs and toads found within Ontario and throughout the world. Andrew is sometimes referred to as the Frog Whisperer. In this presentation his impressive collection of imagery illustrates the proven tips and techniques he uses for photographing frogs and toads both in the field and in captivity. Andrew also covers various Photoshop tips and techniques that he uses in the digital darkroom to maintain his  standard of high-quality, dramatic photos of nature’s most fascinating subjects.

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A Photographer’s Guide to the Ontario Landscape  presentation takes an in-depth look at the vast and varied terrain of Ontario. Become inspired, gain the knowledge, and create stunning imagery in your own backyard by booking Andrew McLachlan’s "A Photographer’s Guide to the Ontario Landscape" presentation for your camera club. This presentation is also based on Andrew's first eBook "A Photographer's Guide to the Ontario Landscape" published by Arthur Morris/Birds As Art Books. This is eBook is the only extensive resource available to photographers on landscape photography in the province of Ontario.

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